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1. What is Ruta Eléctrica Monteverde?
A Ruta Eléctrica (or Electric Route) is a support network that enable travelers with electric vehicles to get to a community. Businesses and organizations of that community offer 120 and 240 Volt plugs and L2 chargers, referred to as charging stations. The drivers are able to travel without range anxiety, without polluting the air and they can enjoy themselves while they charge their vehicle.
Each route has at least 15 240V charging stations in the community and at least one 240V charging station every 20 kilometers on each road that leads to the community, up to 40 kilometers from the community.
Being part of Rutas Eléctricas Costa Rica differentiates one's business and the country, making you stand out as a leader in clean transport. By being part of this effort, one is accelerating the transition to electric mobility.
Rutas Eléctricas Costa Rica is an initiative of the Monteverde Commission for Reslience to Climate Change (CORCLIMA). The Ruta Eléctrica Monteverde was launched in August 2019. In 2020, La Fortuna launched their Ruta Eléctrica. With support from the Fundación CRUSA, CORCLIMA is scaling the network to Rutas Eléctricas Costa Rica, training 14 other communities so that they can also become electric vehicle friendly communities.

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